Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Law and Order: Organ Preservation Unit

We'd like to see your organs.

A patient having a heart attack calls 911, and an ambulance rushes to the scene to save a life. A second ambulance, with the words "Organ Preservation Unit" stenciled on the side, arrives a little later in case the first crew is unsuccessful. Like anything with organ transplantation, it's a concept with complicated ethical, logistical, and public relations considerations, but an interesting plan nonetheless. I still vote for a national opt-out policy instead.


MaxShelby said...

Ghoulish beyond belief.

Bad idea.

Did the government ever have a good one?

Jo said...

Surely the team would be working on the heart attack victim until they got to hospital anyway? In which case, why would the organ preservation team go to the site of the heart attack rather than waiting in the hospital?