Monday, April 18, 2011

Give Blood

Middle-aged male, history of chronic EtOH abuse, arrived via EMS for an uncontrolled upper GI bleed. Quickly intubated to protect his airway, he was hypotensive to the 50s. Piles of used blood bags formed at the base of the rapid infuser as the medical team attempted a transfusion to stabilize his pressure. With blood oozing out of his nose and mouth as fast as it could be given, he remained hypotensive, with periodic bouts of arrhythmia, for an extended period. Finally stabilized long enough to be brought upstairs, we learned less than an hour later that he coded and died.

Without donated blood products, this patient would never have even made it out of the ER. Donated blood isn't a cure-all, but it does help save lives every day.

Only 8% of eligible Americas donate blood. If you're able, please be a hero and consider donating blood.


tottergirl said...

I do every 8 weeks, usually on the nose. In fact, I just set up my next appointment this morning. It is one thing I can do.

Second Shift said...

You're a rockstar!

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"Donated blood isn't a cure-all, but it does help save lives every day."

I agree. And donating blood is also very helpful to the donor's body and blood.

Thanks for the advocacy,
Peny@medical scrubs