Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Oddly enough, I had the same schedule last night as the night before: trauma, fast track, triage.  Trauma was once again quiet, with the exception of a man found unresponsive next to his bicycle, and who still didn't remember what happened by the time he arrived.  Urgent Care, however, was busy paying the price of an easy Monday - at no point during the evening were there less than 15 patients waiting for our "fast track" area.  I was able to help splint the victim of a bar fight gone bad who had broken bones in both of his hands, but beyond that it was ace wrap and crutches on repeat.  Instead of closing at 10:45, I didn't leave until nearly 1am for triage, which was quiet for the rest of the night.  

And speaking of karma, the 61 year old from Monday night reappeared in the check out line in the supermarket as I was grocery shopping yesterday.  I made sure to do a quick turn into the cereal aisle, and I'm pretty sure I went unseen.

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