Sunday, July 27, 2008

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

A pretty uneventful night last night, with the exception of a walk-in stabbing that I helped out in, and two patients who clearly had better things to do on a Saturday night.

Runner up was the first female member of Blue Man Group, a 21 year old female whose mother called 911 after finding her unresponsive.  Upon arrival, she presented with a blueish tinge, altered mental status, an oxygen saturation hovering in the 70-80s, and a well-vocalized desire to leave AMA.  After neb treatments, her sats improved and she started pinking up, but she continued to ramble about her "rights" and how she was brought in against her will.  Despite herlabs coming back completely abnormal across the board, her mother apparently changed her mind and wanted her to leave, too.  Hypoxia, it seems, belongs in the home.

Top prize, however, goes to one of my first patients of the evening.  While the trauma room was getting slammed with 7 traumas in my first two hours at work, I had the pleasure of showering off Scabies Guy.  Scabies Guy had already visited us earlier in the week, and this time was more sober than the last, but still wouldn't stop talking and trying to show me the mites that had taken up residence underneath his skin.  Covered head to toe in plastic, I politely refused, even after he proudly told me of his shower that morning.  Angry about being back in the ER, he couldn't understand why we were making him shower again.  Added to Lice Guy and Maggots-in-the-Leg Guy, I feel like I've finally completed the last leg in some unholy version of the Triple Crown.  

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