Friday, November 7, 2008

Epidemic Outbreak

It appears that our friends across the pond are having trouble keeping their various body parts unstuck from public toilets.  First it was the British guy getting his rear end superglued to a toilet seat and needing to be transported to the hospital with the loo still attached.

Now I find out that just a couple weeks ago, a French dude dropped his cell phone in the toilet of a high-speed train, and got his arm stuck  in la toilette while attempting to retrieve it.  The TGV trains, as the BBC ably reports, "are equipped with a powerful suction system."

The train was delayed for two hours while firefighters cut through the plumbing in order to transport the man to the hospital with his arm still stuck in the toilet.

Treating patients attached to toilets?  For European ER docs, c'est la vie.

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