Saturday, September 13, 2008


Another Friday night in the Big City...

Drunk Asshole arrives in police custody after slicing his palm open on God knows what.  Sutures to the hand.  Tried to make friends by throwing his full urinal across the room.

Drunk Punk arrives via EMS after an evening spent minding his own business, ambling quietly along the Big City streets helping old ladies cross streets, when suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, two dudes came out of nowhere and just jumped him.  Sutures to the head.  Tried to make friends by ripping of his c-collar and running for the door.  

Drunk Player arrives with entourage after trying to work his game on a girl whose ex-boyfriend just happened seated further down the bar.  Sutures to the nose and multiple facial lacs after the broken beer bottle shards were removed.  Had more than enough friends already.

And finally...

A Sober Jogger who ran into oncoming traffic, was struck by a car, had a GCS of 3 in the field but perked up in transport and earned some facial sutures before spending the night in the ICU with some minor internal injuries.

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