Monday, September 7, 2009

Fool That I Am

You'd think I'd know by now that whenever I sign up for an extra shift, it ends up a hot mess.

Little did I realize that when I added my name to the overtime list that I was signing up for a Friday, on a full moon, at the beginning of a holiday weekend, early in the freshman drinking season.  Talk about the perfect storm.

Walking into the ED, I quickly discovered what I had gotten myself into when the stink of an EtOH-induced code brown laid siege to my nostrils.  Readying my trusty Lysol holster, I prepared for the worst as I began to take vitals at triage.  

Highlights included the patient whose heart rate soared to over 100 per his exercise HR monitor while out for a run, requesting that he be "checked out."  Young guy, no cardiac history, no CP/SOB.  Later, we had the woman who felt lightheaded all day.  When asked about the last time she ate, she replied "Yesterday.  I was too lazy to make anything today."  At least the guy high on PCP who jumped out through a second-story window while being chased by police actually required treatment.

After three more code browns as the night went on, and a parade of sloppy freshman, I swore off picking up any more extra time... at least until next week.

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