Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Day at the Office

Arrived in the ED this weekend and immediately did a double-take as a man in full clown makeup and a patient gown carried his urine specimen cup back to his stretcher.

Shortly thereafter, two guys who had been electrocuted while doing some rewiring arrived in the trauma bay, one with scorched holes in his underwear where the electricity shot through his body.

Of course, being the weekend, it didn't take long for the parade of intoxicated patients to arrive, some spitting and throwing punches.

After helping place one in restraints, I turned around to see a psych patient sprinting down the back hallway trying to escape. His IV ripped out, blood spilled from his hand and trailed in a stream behind him.

Perhaps he was set off by broken fire alarms that went off three times in twenty minutes.

But the greatest fiasco of the evening?

For a terrifying few minutes, we were out of toilet paper.

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