Friday, February 26, 2010

*Bangs Head On Desk*

Pt: "I have a rash."

RN: "Any new foods or medications lately? Have you had this before?"

Pt: "Look, it's not like I've been shot or anything, there's no need to ask me all these questions."

RN: "Ma'am, we need to ask you these questions to figure out how to treat you..."

Pt: "I'm not answering any more questions."

* * *
Pt: "Dude, I've been waiting for hours bro and my asthma is real bad."

SS: "Yes sir, it says here that we called you twice but you didn't answer."

Pt: "Yeah, but I was outside smoking across the street. You should have come found me!"

* * *
Pt: "I have pain in my shoulder and I need an MRI."

RN: "Who said you need an MRI?"

Pt: "My doctor said I need one but he hasn't scheduled it yet."

RN: "Okay... that sounds like something you should speak to your doctor about. It's not an emergency, so there's not much we can do for you here."

Pt: "I'm here because I want to order my MRI. Can't you just give me one?"


Canuck said...

These patients deserve the therapeutic wait. And you should double it.

Second Shift said...

Well they certainly weren't the first to be brought back, but I almost can't blame them. This isn't just a handful of patients - a large percentage of people who present to the ER don't seem to realize that it is (or at least was once) intended to treat emergencies. I think part of it is the "insurance does not equal access" problem, but I feel like we also need some sort of societal public education campaign about when one should actually use the ER.