Monday, August 18, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Walking into work early yesterday for some day shift overtime.  On my way in I pass a liquor store, and who did I see staggering towards it but one of our most frequent recurring drunks.  Still clutching his belongings bag from when I had triaged him the night before, he was heading straight (more or less) for a refill.

When I arrived at work, I started placing bets for how quickly we'd see him again.  Surely by the end of my shift, but bets ranged from one to six hours, give or take.  I punched in, and started seeing patients in our critical care area.  Twenty minutes later, one the techs who was working out at triage comes over to inform me that Jack Daniels (let's call him) had just arrived via EMS in a backboard and collar.  Incredulous, I watched as he was wheeled over to our area after having been found after falling to the ground.  Apparently he wasn't able to get any booze from the store, and his alcohol level had dropped low enough for him to seize.  

Looking at the board, I saw that Jack's name was still listed in our drunk tank, where he'd been less than an hour before.  With nobody betting less than 60 minutes, I guess any proceeds should have gone to Jack.

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