Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dynamic Duo

In the midst of all the new emergency medicine residents working their way through their first rotations in the ED, we must also endure the dreaded internal medicine residents coming down from the floors and struggling to keep their heads above water.  A few are great, most are mediocre, and some are just awful.

Last night, a relatively quiet Friday in the Big City, a tag team of medicine residents worked the hallway, forming a superhuman pair rivaling the likes of Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, or, more accurately, Rocky and Bullwinkle.  

Deer In The Headlights, MD, made a triumphant reappearance after I had last worked with him a week ago.  Still sporting his sallow complexion and perpetually bug-eyed stare, Deer in the Headlights, MD, did his best to ensure no patient remained in the ER for anything less than three hours.  That patient who finished her contrast at the beginning of your shift still hasn't been scanned?  Deer in the Headlights, MD: "Oh, I just assumed somebody else put in the order for the CT...."

Joining Deer in the Headlights, MD, for the first time was Dr. Body Odor, a who apparently did not realize that Purell can replace handwashing, but not showering.  Whereas Deer in the Headlights would awkwardly avoid any contact with the ER staff and hide in the corners of the workstation, Dr. BO will eagerly stand next to you or peer over your shoulder in an attempt to make idle conversation.  

Maybe he could use his powers to drive some of Deer in the Headlights, MD's patients out of the ER?

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