Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank You, Come Again

Over the weekend I took care of a patient who had the misfortune of falling off a ladder and breaking his arm.  It wasn't a bad break, but it did require splinting.  Unfortunately, even though Wolf Blizter's Pandemicfest 2009 seems to have subsided, the ED was still full to the brim and the gentleman was forced to wait (patiently) for some time.  I apologized for the delay as I was finally able to hand him his paperwork, which he gratefully took and made his way out to the waiting room.

Ten minutes later, I heard an overhead page for an incoming trauma, and arrived in the trauma bay to see EMS transferring the same patient over to our stretcher.  Turns out he was crossing the street a few blocks from the hospital and was struck by a car that had run a red light.  Once again, his injuries were minor, but given how backed up everything was, he was forced to wait for another couple hours.  Walking him out to the waiting room for a second time late that evening, I asked if he was planning on completing a hat trick.  

His response: "Over my dead body."

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Anonymous said...

Talk about tempting fate!