Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Can Work It Out

ERP has a funny story up about the woes of dealing with Fast Track patients that reminded me of a similar incident from a while ago.  

While working with an excellent PA, I brought back an elderly gentleman with a minor hand laceration who had been stuck waiting for over an hour.  When the PA introduced herself, the patient immediately asked if there was a male provider available.  After grudgingly agreeing to be cared for by a woman, he became dismayed to learn that she was "just a PA" and demanded that we call a private plastic surgeon friend of his to come in to the ER and suture the 2cm lac.  After waiting for 45 minutes with no response to our call, he then gave us the number of a second plastic surgeon friend to call.  When that failed to work, he wanted Plastic Surgery paged, and when they refused to see him, he finally agreed to be treated by "just a PA."  

After several hours of waiting, he was stitched up in five minutes.  On his way out, he thanked the PA for doing "an excellent job."

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