Friday, May 15, 2009

Highway To the Danger Zone

Highlights of a recent shift:

Car vs. Truck, Motorcycle vs. Tree, Fingers vs. Snowblower.  All par for the course.  After last night, however, I can now add "Motorized Supermarket Power Scooter vs. Curb" to my roster of trauma matchups.  Thank goodness it didn't cause a multi-scooter pileup.

Dude was sitting out on his porch, doing some early summer grilling when the neighbor's dog broke through the fence and took a nibble on his foot.  Irrigated the small puncture wound, started on rabies prophylaxis just in case.  As I wrapped the foot, Dude told me to "bandage it up good" and "use extra gauze" so it would look impressive when he threatened to sue his neighbor.

Throw in a handful of people who "lost" their prescriptions for narcotic pain medication, and you have another shift in Fast Track. 


OHN said...

Drat. I bet with his lawsuit winnings he will hop on that hoverround and finally see the grand canyon!

Second Shift said...

Wouldn't surprise me

on-my-mind said...

Thank you for your work in the Urban Trauma Center. Sorry you have to deal with so much stupidity in between the real life-saving work you and your colleagues perform. God bless you and the other high quality techs!