Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OMG Help

Earlier this summer, we had a relatively young kid arrive via EMS status post assault.  After getting the crap beat out of him by two older, bigger dudes, he spent his time in the ED texting his buddies and planning his revenge.  The result was a minor altercation in the waiting room that had to be broken up by security.

Now, however, I find that texting can be used for good instead of evil.  According to this article, a 911 service in Iowa now allows people to text in their need for emergency services.  A few months ago, the idea of texting ERs to determine the wait time sparked some controversy.  This new program, however, seems pretty cool.  I don't know how useful it will be for EMS issues, but the chance to stealthily text police will certainly come in handy.

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