Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seems Remarkable to Me

My patient in Bed 2 was a young trauma victim waiting for the results of a CT scan to determine which service would admit him.  Hoping to speed up what had already been a protracted ER visit, I tried refreshing the patient's results page every time I passed by the computer.  Finally, after multiple clicks, a little flag popped up.

Quickly scanning the report so I could inform the resident, my eyes ran over the typically dry prose of an official radiology reading until I came across a rather unexpected finding.  Buried the middle of a paragraph was the following observation:

"The ovaries appear unremarkable."  Oops.

Now, admittedly, I've only been working in the medical field for a few years, and don't have the same breadth of experience as most folks.  Nevertheless, I would find any ovary, no matter how healthy looking, to be remarkable in a male.

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