Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot Water

Bathrooms are death traps.

Floors mats love to slide out from underneath their owners, toilets yearn to crush reproductive organs or trap other appendages, and now apparently the hot tub is just itching to finish us off.

The New York Times reports that an analysis of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System revealed that hot tub-related emergency room visits skyrocketed from 2,549 in 1990 to over 6,600 in 2007.

Personally, I've never seen someone present with a hot tub-related complaint (presumably burns, water in the ears, or those dreaded pruney fingers), but rest assured that I will be hyper-vigilant about this issue from now on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, as a lifeguard and CPO, hot tubs are a big germy bisque the uneducated play in with lots of alcohol.
Think any and all other bathroom injuries, plus overheating and passing out in the water, incorrectly maintaining water, and sticking appendages into a drain in alcohol fueled dares. Don't forget the cell phone, iPod, tv remote, and the electric heater parked on the edge of the tub.