Monday, December 7, 2009

Wannabe MD

I've been completely blown away by the amount of well wishing I've received in the days since I learned of my acceptance to medical school. The ED has always felt like a large (admittedly dysfunctional) family, but I am still extraordinarily grateful for all the cards, hugs, and hive fives.

Now that I've been accepted, the docs and nurses are going out of their way to teach me things before I start next August.

During a rare slow patch over the weekend, an intern, a few nurses, and I were hanging around the workstation. To the handful of patients stuck waiting for results, the scene must have appeared a bit odd. There I sat, eye level with an orange that rested on the counter, meticulously practicing my nascent suturing skills. Later, the intern and I swapped veins as we practiced starting IVs on each other under the nurses' skillful guidance.

Sure, it may have looked like Amateur Hour, but everyone has to start somewhere. And besides, we already have our best people working on more important matters.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck and great blog! I just found you via Keep Breathing.