Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't Tase Me, Baaa... I Mean Bro

In the Big City ED, we come across a fair number of characters who have found themselves at the wrong end of a TASER. Most of the time the ED is just a pit stop to get the metal electrodes removed from the patient's skin before they continue on to jail.

While I can honestly say the idea never entered my head, some enquiring mind observed a similar situation and thought, "What if, instead of a patient, it was a sheep high on methamphetamines that got tased?"

Well, now science has provided an answer to that question. The journal Academic Emergency Medicine recently published an article in which high sheep (instead of humans) were tased to determine if the combination of electricity and meth would produce dangerous heart rhythms. Turns out the sheep were just fine... you know, except for being tased at the end of a bad trip.

Know what would be really cool? A combination TASER (to put you into V-tach) and defibrillator (to cardiovert you back to normal sinus). Maybe somebody will test that one out on crack-addicted bunnies.*

(*That's a joke, PETA)

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