Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Moon

Seems like everyone was getting a jump on the upcoming full moon last night.

Seven minor traumas in two hours were punctuated with the shrieks of little old man who whined in an unnaturally high-pitched voiced about the tingling feeling he was experiencing.  He was later joined by a woman who communicated only by singing.  Throw in the dude high on illy who kept repeating his name over and over, and we were on our way to having the next one-hit wonder.

Other highlights of the evening included watching a drunk stagger up to the board and erase the "No" of the "No Food" reminder next to his name (nice try my friend), drawing blood on the gentleman complaining of chest pain for the past 10 years (who was not actually having an MI... phew!), helping splint the dude whose boat engine fell on his ankle, and keeping an eye on SI patient who wanted to rent a guillotine to finish the job (do they come with a safety deposit?).  

While all this was going on, the clocks on our computers kept randomly changing in and out of daylight savings time.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the full moon came early.

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