Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pulitzer Prize

If only there was a category for triage notes:

"This is Jose Cuervo's 389th visit to this Emergency Department in the past 4 years, and his 3rd in the last 24 hours.  +Slurred speech and unsteady gate, FS normal, BAC .390.  He has no complaint and breath smells of Listerine."

Birds may fly south for the winter, but the chronic EtOHers simply flock to the ER.


Joe said...

I saw your answers on Fiery's blog and had to come take a look. I know people in your industry and will be back to read what you have to say. You don't have to make stuff up, the truth is always funnier.

Anne said...

At least your alchi's smell like Listerine.....but I have to say my most fav is the college students who come in having puked all over themselves......and then we stick a foley in so they dont pee all over themselves....revenge can be sweeet in the end!