Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Ahead

Snow is melting, clocks have jumped ahead an hour (don't forget), and warm temperatures are making a special guest appearance this weekend.  Taking advantage of the temporary heat wave with a long run through the streets of the Big City yesterday afternoon, I crossed paths with one of our regular patients while waiting for the light to change.  He did a brief double take before I ran off again, but I'm pretty sure he recognized me.  It's happened a few times, making eye contact on the street or at the supermarket, and it can be a little awkward.  Thankfully, however, I have yet to run into a crazy or violent patient (or anyone I've ever had to put into restraints) and I hope I never do.

On a side note, I've worked the night we lose an hour in the past, but never the night we fall back.  I wonder what happens for documentation purposes - can you chart a medication order at 0215 and then a reassessment at 0205 when the clock resets itself?

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