Monday, March 30, 2009


She was a young female brought in to the ER by police.  Uncooperative and combative, she had to be restrained to prevent her from leaving.  In between profanity-laced tirades and repeated attempts to spit at staff who approached her, she would start whimpering and accuse us of trying to hurt her baby by placing her in restraints.

Obviously pregnant, she stated she was midway through her second trimester.  

She also reported trying to kill her baby by ingesting large amounts of heroin and crack.

The sad thing was, she meant it.  She'd been brought in a handful of times over the past few weeks, high out of her mind in an effort to end her pregnancy.  She had been talked to, offered help, had options explained.  And yet she continued to poison herself and her baby.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't she arrested and placed into custody until the baby is born? Why does she have the right to deliberately try to murder another person like that? Yeah, I know- the theory is that it's not a "person" yet. It just makes me sick. I couldn't do your job, I really couldn't.

Pink said...

Happy's cure-all would be exercise, dontcha know.

Anonymous said...

I hate people. I was a misanthrope before becoming an RT, but now more than ever, I just hate people.