Saturday, June 27, 2009

Party On

We've had some pretty impressive characters fight for their right to party over the past several days.

The first was a young woman found passed out in the bathroom of a club.  Despite her pinpoint pupils, BAC of .270, and vomit-covered dress, she persistently mumbled her demands for the ambulance to take her back to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Johnny Walker set a new record for three separate visits to the ED within a 12-hour period.  Discharged at the very beginning of my shift, he returned around two hours later in police custody.  Not drunk enough for us to keep him, he was cut loose, only to stumble in once again before the end of my night.

By far the most dedicated, however, was the woman who was not only walking at talking with a BAC of .416, but made a coherent phone call to her husband to make sure he had "plenty of beer" available for when she got home.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well you could go into trauma surgery and not see most of the drunks.