Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Give Love a Bad Name

Occupational hazard though it may be, even a gangbanger understands that getting shot will generally put a damper on one's evening.  Lucky for my young friend last night, however, his was only a flesh wound, and judging by the scars found upon exam, he'd been through the drill before.  Sticking to the tough guy routine, he waited impatiently to be discharged after we patched him up.

Unfortunately, in this digital age word travels fast, and whether alerted through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or regular old-fashioned text messaging, a large contingent of worried friends began to assemble in the waiting room.  

After the docs finished their initial exam, the greeter stepped into the trauma bay and asked the patient if she could send a Briana in to see him.  The patient shurgged, and the greeter smiled while asking which one he'd like to see first.

Suddenly, bravado gone, a look of shocked recognition appeared on his face.

Turns out that, despite the savings from being able to buy faux-diamond-studded name necklaces in bulk, simultaneously dating three women with the same name is not actually a good idea.

In the end, the gun shot wound really was the least of his worries that night.  Remember, hell hath no fury...

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