Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Grief

Sometimes the general air of incompetence becomes too much to handle.

Ultrasound tech called the ER because the patient we sent still had pants on. Rather than pull them down for the scan (or, even more brazen, ask the patient to do it himself), I needed to cross the hospital to perform the 5 second task.

Our ER Xray called Charge because an empty stretcher had been parked so that it partially blocked their entrance. Could they move it themselves? Of course not.

The floors either don't have room, and refuse to take report as we're up to our necks in patients, or complain because we send them two patients in a 45 minute period. Transport can't move anyone because they only have two people and both are on break.

Working in the ER is hard enough with the overcrowding, under staffing, broken equipment, and nonstop surge of patients. Dealing with piss poor attitudes from the rest of the hospital certainly doesn't make it any easier.

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Anonymous said...

People do get some attitudes...I've had a bad one myself lately. I think I need a vacation.

But really? I wouldn't call someone else to come tug down someones pants for me. The US tech needs to grow a pair. Absurd!