Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dude, Where's My Chopper?

Headed up to the top of the hospital yesterday afternoon to receive an incoming severely hypertensive pregnant female transfered by helicopter from a small town hospital several miles away.  Once the helicopter touched down, I ran up the ramp with a stretcher, and with the rotors spinning overhead, slid her out the back along with the flight nurse and flight medic.  

We brought her down to OB and I helped transfer her over as the flight team gave report.  After maybe 15 minutes or so, I accompanied them back to the elevator and up to the helipad.  

The only problem: no helicopter.  

There are some areas of the Big City where I'd think twice about leaving my car, but I assumed the roof of the hospital would be a pretty safe parking spot.  I turned to the flight team, who figured that the pilot had flown to a nearby airfield to refuel.  While we waited for him to return, I enjoyed a great view of the Big City with the leaves starting to change, and didn't really want to return to the madness below once the helicopter finally landed.

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