Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Night Light(weight)s

Another Friday night at triage, and another deluge of drunk Local College students occupying the resources of a Level I trauma center.  No less than six drank their way in last night, with only one of them blowing over .200, but all of them covered in very foul-smelling vomit.

In between the string of future politicians, we had a high school football player delivered by EMS after experiencing some tingling following a rough tackle.  One of our trauma nurses happily broke out his Leatherman to unscrew the helmet as we did our best to remove his pads without cutting through everything.  He was a cool kid, who thankfully ended up with full feeling and motion in his extremities, and was able to walk out in some chic paper scrubs a couple hours later (right before the next wave of drunks hit).

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