Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosemary's Baby

Police brought her in for a med eval after she expressed thoughts of hurting others.

She claimed she was spawn of Satan.

While the paternity test made its way to the lab, Rosemary's baby vividly described how she planned to find her "boyfriend's girlfriend" and douse her in kerosene before lighting her on fire in front of her children.

This all came out before she started hissing.  Little-known side effect of satanic insemination: it makes the offspring half snake.  Or at least so she claimed as she writhed in the bed and kept sticking her tongue in and out.  The possession came next, which was pretty similar to the whole snake thing, except it involved speaking gibberish instead of the hissing.  It wasn't until she leapt up and tried to attack other patients that she earned herself 5 of haldol.

Within a few minutes she appeared to be snoozing soundly, but in true demonic fashion, she fought off the medication and jerked up in bed once more to begin screaming and spitting (sadly, her head was not able to complete the 360˚ turn).  Another round of haldol put her down for the count.

Happy Halloween!

(Be safe out there.  You don't want to end up in the ED... it's scary.)

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