Monday, October 13, 2008

I Would Do Anything For Love

Shirtless, tattoo-covered skinhead arrived via EMS doped out of his mind.  Pulled over by the police for driving like a bat out of hell, the medics found a couple of empty prescription bottles in the car that had just been filled that morning.  Apparently his psychiatrist failed to explain that Klonapin, Seroquel, and his other meds should not be taken all at once.  Semi-responsive, he kept mumbling about needing to get home for his son, who alternated between two years and two weeks old in his description.

Meanwhile, out in the waiting room, his only slightly more put together girlfriend showed up in hysterics, sobbing about how she needed to see her sweetheart.  The triage nurse explained that he could not have visitors until after being evaluated by the psychiatrists.  At that point, she decided that she, too, was suicidal and needed an eval, but rapidly changed her mind after learning that they didn't have double rooms in the psych ward.

Every five minutes for the next hour she ran up to the desk asking for an update, until she was finally asked to leave.

I'd like to think that I would do anything for love, but feigning suicidal ideations in order to spend quality time in a pysch ward with my overdosing significant other?  I won't do that.  

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MedicMatthew said...

Hmmm, maybe *that* is what Meatloaf was singing about...