Sunday, December 28, 2008

Helping Hands

Our ED is lucky to have some great volunteers who pitch in and help things run as close to smoothly as possible in the Big City.  In thanks to them, here's a profile of a ER volunteer from White Plains, NY.

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Recovering Grady Addict said...

That's a wonderful idea! What a great program. I certainly wish that there was something like this in place at Grady. The (paid) receptionists at the front try to do this with families who are called into the ER for loved ones who have suffered major trauma. They work with social services to set up the family room, and direct folks to the right place to meet the others waiting. That's about the extent of it.

It would really make a difference to have people who WANT to be there and HELP. Rather than the ones who are PAID TO BE NICE. Big difference