Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bizzaro ED

With my time in the Big City ED winding down and med school on the horizon, I recently took a trip to check out the institution that will soon be my new home for the next four years. (Spoiler alert: I had a great time!)

During the visit, I was able to shadow in their ED for a few hours. It's a beautiful facility, relatively new and much bigger than where I work now, but it felt like I had stepped into some sort of parallel universe. On one level, everything was the same - drunk patients were yelling, trauma patients were packaged for CT, the waiting room was full of patients anxious to be seen - but every little detail seemed different. Equipment was similar, but from other manufacturers, while protocols, uniforms, and even the local accent were all just a little bit off.

In any event, my next two years will be spent hitting the books, so these were nothing more than interesting observations. Knowing where to find a blood culture bottle is going to take a back seat to locating an obscure anatomical structure.

Still, it was great to peak into the future a bit, and realize that in just a few short months, my med school adventure will finally begin.

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ladyk73 said...

I am excited for you...I am sure you will do great, and I bet the residents will let you do some cool stuff as a med student that your peers might not because of your experience.

Keep blogging!