Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy EMS Week!

To all the EMTs and medics working on the front lines of emergency medicine, thank you and happy EMS week! We're fortunate to work with some great EMS professionals in the Big City ED, and I'm glad to know they're out there if I ever need them.

For those who haven't, be sure to check out Medic 22 and Ambulance Driver, two of my favorite EMS blogs!

(Also, I don't know if you're still out there EE, but I miss your blog!)


Medic22 said...

Thanks for the Medic 22 bloggy love, but the link in incorrect. :(


And i can't wait to read about the Med School trials and tribulations!

Second Shift said...

Fail! Just fixed the link. Congrats on being nearly done with school!