Friday, February 20, 2009

Paying the Bills

So I've been getting a lot of mail from the Air Force and the Navy lately offering to pay for medical school.  Free books and tuition, a monthly stipend and a hefty signing bonus are obviously attractive selling points in this economy, but I don't know how I feel about the service commitment.  I'm already looking at a minimum of nine more years of education, would I be willing to tack on another four years of obligation after that?  Sure it would be a great experience, a chance to serve my country, and hopefully a way to see the world, but I wonder how it would affect my career and plans to have a family.  Something to keep thinking about, but I guess I should focus on applying and getting into schools first.


xtine said...

My $0.02: Do it. But take your time to make the decision.

- There are many, many benefits afforded to former and current servicemen, and especially to those who have a skill the military wants/needs
- Your children will have access to USAA. I thank my dad monthly for this :D
- It's a good way to start your family, when thinking about the financial aspect: instead of loads of debt when you graduate, you'll be debt free, and have a salary lined up
- The bullshit you'll put up with will be predictable, and not borne of stupidity from the masses. And however misguided, there's usually a reason for whatever it is that you're questioning at the moment

Of course, I also want to lose 95lbs and join the Marines, so you can't say I'm offering an unbiased opinion.

EE said...

Email 911 doc. He has a good little bit about this.