Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who's On First?

Somebody must have put crazy pills in the drinking water last night:

Pt: "I need to call my daughter, can you get me a phone?"
Me: "Sure, is it a local call?"
Pt: "No, long distance."
Me: "Okay, I need to get a code from the secretary if it's not area code 555."
Pt: "No, it's 555."
Me: "So it's local."
Pt: "No, long distance."
Me: [Sigh]

Dude Wearing Designer Sunglasses Despite Being Inside on a Cloudy Day: "These alarms are driving me crazy, turn them off or I'm leaving!"
Me: "Sir, if you stop moving around and pulling the leads off, the monitor won't beep."
DWDSDBIOACD: "I can't stop moving until the alarms stop!"

Sick Drunk Guy: "Get me some water!"
Me: "Sir, you can't have anything by mouth."
Sick Drunk Guy: "How 'bout Johnny Walker?"


EE said...

Blog fodder. That's what I think when I interact with dumb people. It helps me cope. LOL!

Second Shift said...

I had the same thought as I was dealing with these people... you're going to make a wonderful blog post!