Friday, February 6, 2009

Two of Us

Nobody told me it was two for one night in the ER yesterday, but the pairwise arrivals throughout the evening eventually tipped me off.

EMS started off the shift by delivering Statler and Waldorf, a couple of nursing home residents involved in a kerfuffle in the dinner line who were sent to the ER to be evaluated for "altered mental status."

Next to arrive were Cheech and Chong - one high out of his mind and complaining of [for the record, invisible] bumps on his skin, the other merely dazed and confused.

Around 2am, Joanie and Chaci strolled up to triage desk and explained they had both been in a car accident.  When asked how long ago, they replied around midnight... two days ago.

And finally...

Two drunks were dragged in by the police - one having pissed his jeans while the other, lacking any clothing whatsoever, tried to draw pants onto his birthday suit with a black magic marker.


Chris said...

De-lurking to say thank you for absolutely making my day - you owe me a keyboard. When I read "Statler and Waldorf," I spewed diet Coke all over.......I wonder how many of your readers know who you're talking about (it's the 2 old guys from the balcony on the Muppet Show, for anyone who's wondering).

Second Shift said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed (and understood) the reference, sorry to hear about the keyboard.

Feel free to de-lurk more often!

keepbreathing said...

Heh...I loved those old guys on the Muppet Show. And incidentally your story about the drunk guy drawing pants on himself? ...awesome.