Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost a Patient

Nothing like nearly getting plowed over by an SUV to get the blood pressure up.  Just got back from a run where some asshole driver ran a red light and came within inches of a slamdunk vehicular manslaughter conviction.  As I've often mentioned to my friends, I have no desire to be in the ER unless I'm getting paid, and thankfully avoided becoming a patient this afternoon.  

Remember: red means stop.


Evil Transport Lady said...

Yikes!! Stupid drivers! Glad you are ok!

I was a patient in the local ER...very embarassing when you know alot of the people!

Surgeon in my dreams said...

In my town it means speed up.

Glad you're okay. I need my fix here every day.

keepbreathing said...

Yikes. I'm lucky enough to have a jogging path that goes around a lake and crosses no major roads, so my only fear when running is the Asthma Of Doom.

Glad you're ok.