Friday, January 23, 2009


While the original plan called for keeping my computer overnight for observation, its worsening course necessitated a transfer to a major referral center and potentially a week-long stay in their ICU.  With the new semester starting to pick up, this is becoming a huge inconvenience.  I'm just hoping it pulls through.

In other news, the Big City Hospital recently upgraded the sliding glass doors at its main entrance.  No longer motion-sensitive, they now require pushing a button to open (in an effort to prevent cold air from rushing in any time someone passes by I guess).  Of course, the result has been no less than three head-on collisions by yours truly as I boldly strode into the glass, expecting the doors to woosh open at my presence.  Should only take about 20 more embarrassing incidents like these before I'm conditioned to push the damn button.

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Anonymous said...

Doors hurt. I got whacked by an automatic door that was closing the other day...ow.