Saturday, January 10, 2009

How May I Take Your Order?

Me: "We're not trying to kill you Ma'am"

Pt: "Oh yes you is.  Nobody brought me dinner.  I haven't eaten in two days.  Bring me a steak before I starve to death."

[Grab a turkey sandwich box lunch

Pt: "Don't bring me that juice shit.  That shit's nasty.  I don't like that juice.  I want the ginger ale.  Cheap bastards used to have the good ginger ale, but now it's that cheap shit but hell I'll drink it.  Bring me a pillow too I gots pain in my coccyx."


Recovering Grady Addict said...

Where's your damn training???

You were supposed to ask her royal bitchiness if she wanted a freakin apple pie with her combo today!!!


Evil Transport Lady said...

How do you NOT shove the damn thing down her throat?? J/K :)