Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chest Pain

Resolution #2 for the new year: eat healthier.  Shouldn't be terribly difficult as long as I avoid the example of some of my patients.  Or maybe I should just page Surgeon General Gupta for some wellness advice.

Not too long ago I took care of a middle-aged male complaining of severe chest pain.  His EKG was normal and first set of enzymes negative, however the guy was a walking risk factor: an obese, diabetic smoker with hypertension, high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease.  While waiting in our short-term observation unit for serial enzymes, his family asked if they could bring him some food.  I pointed them in the direction of the cafeteria, with the reminder to hold off on anything with caffeine, as he would likely get a stress test in the morning.  A short time later I walked into his room to check vitals and found that his family had delivered a jumbo bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for him to munch on and an extra large Coke to guzzle.  As I stood dumbfounded, he looked at me while chewing, and with little bits of chicken flying out of his mouth asked "It's okay if I snack in here, right?"


Evil Transport Lady said...

WHAT??......besides the crap he was eating.....umm how could he eat with the PAIN??......grrrr

keepbreathing said...

One night, we had a diabetic patient who had been put on a low-calorie highly restricted diet. Around 12 AM, a confused delivery guy showed up at the desk with two pizzas, a two-liter soda, some cookies, and a gyro. "Where's room 242? The guy said he was starving to death."

The charge nurse, and the physician, were both underwhelmed.