Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Baby

Two extremely pregnant Moms-to-be were rushed in over my last couple shifts, bringing me close (but no cigar) to witnessing my first ER birth.  As far as I know, it hasn't happened in the nearly two years that I've worked in the Big City ED, but nurses who have been there longer say that they've seen a handful.

Mom #1 waddled into a wheelchair before being pushed up to triage in active labor, contractions two minutes apart.  Her water hadn't broken yet, so they had me wheel up her to Maternity.  I'm a runner with good endurance but weak hand-eye coordination, so I was immensely relieved that I didn't have to catch anything in that elevator ride.

Mom #2 showed up at our back door on an ambulance stretcher in very active labor, and was quickly pulled into an empty room to see if she was crowning.  One of the nurses grabbed the emergency delivery kit, but they ended up running her upstairs to deliver as well.

Two moments of excitement that helped break up the string of frozen EtOHers and slip-sliding MVCs over the weekend.  I hope both new families are doing well!

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