Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hotel ER

Scene: Chronic EtOHer Jim Beam comes in from the cold and marches up to the triage desk on a busy Friday night.

Me: What's going on tonight, Jim?  
[Good evening, sir, are you checking in?]

JB: I gah dis pain in mah knee.  
[Yes, I'd like a room please.]

Me: How long has that been going on?  
[How long were you planning to stay with us?]

JB: 'Bout 10 years.  
[About 10 years.]

Me: Really?  
[Very good sir.]

JB: Shit man, it's cold outside.  
[Yes, I've frequented this establishment before and found it to my liking.]

Me: Alright, I'll get you a blanket and a box lunch while you sleep it off.  
[We'll make sure all the usual amenities are in order]

JB: I godda be somwhere in dah morning.
[I have an important business meeting tomorrow morning.]

Me: I'll make sure our concierge places a wake-up call promptly at 7am.


Xtine said...

I've been reading medblogs long enough that I should know, but I don't: WTF does ETOH stand for, other than 'drunk as a skunk'?

Second Shift said...

That's definitely an acceptable definition. EtOH is chemical shorthand for ethyl alcohol/ethanol, which is the alcohol found in drinks.

Xtine said...

sweet. thanks.