Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What We Do

Many thanks to Kim at Emergiblog for her post on the role of the ER tech.  I know we may not contribute a whole lot in the way of life-saving, but the ER tech is often the first to enter the patient's room to help transfer the patient and the last to leave after pulling the IV.  We grab blankets for the patients, draw labs and get EKGs for busy nurses, assist doctors with procedures and find whatever it is they're looking for.  In the big scheme of things, these are often simple tasks, but I enjoy what I do, learn a lot doing it, and often have a small but significant impact on an patient's care.


Evil Transport Lady said...

I love techs! They are our partners in grime! Since most of the time they are the ones helping transfer our patients to us!

One very special tech makes sure our EMS room is stocked with food. For which many a hungry ems worker is gratefull:)

Second Shift said...

"Partners in grime" - I love it. I'm definitely using that from now on.