Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fast Track

Clearly in a hurry and having more important things to do, a young gentleman approached me as I worked triage the other night.

Pt: "Yo dude, I got stuff to do.  Can you just give me a note for work saying I was seen here?"

Me: "No... we can't give you a work note until you've been seen by a doctor."

Pt: "But I gotta miss some days, these hemmorrhoids are killing me man."

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but if you want a note a doctor needs to see you."

Pt: "Can I just show you?"  

He then proceeded to turn around, loosen his belt, unzip his pants and begin to pull them down in the middle of the waiting room before I could yell at him to stop.

He never did get his note.

1 comment:

Maha said...

LOL How shameless!! The nerve of some people...