Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grin and Bear It

We put up with a lot in the ER, and most of the time we accept it as part of the job.  People who come to us are sick, in pain, confused, scared, often on a wide variety of medications or drugs, and they need help.  And that's what were there for.  It may not always be a pleasant encounter, but a certain amount of abuse comes with the job.

What's never excusable, however, is assaulting a healthcare provider.  I understand that you may be worried about your friend, but shoving one nurse and punching another while they're trying to assess the patient is not only inappropriate, it's criminal.  One visitor recently became violent at triage, and ended being arrested for violent and threatening behavior.  We put up with a lot, but that's crossing the line.

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Scott T said...

I hear ya. Maybe it starts with educating kids on schools for the next generation