Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Planning

All in all we managed to get through the holiday weekend in pretty good shape, and without any major incidents.  Despite working in a windowless department, though, it was amazing how we could tell exactly what was going on outside...

1500: Family and guests begin to arrive for BBQ.
[ER: Evening shift begins to arrive and munch on the food everyone brought in]

1800: Grandma has a little too much sun, falls faint.
[ER: First wave of dehydrated syncopal episodes arrive en masse]

1930: Aunt Becky, slightly buzzed, slices her hand while cutting a hot dog bun.
[ER: First wave of EtOH-related injuries trickle in]

2000: Grandpa trips while walking on the patio.
[ER: Second wave of older patients arrives, most with broken arms]

2100:  Fireworks!
[ER: Staff rushes up to the roof to watch fireworks!]

2105:  Ouch!
[ER: Staff rushes back down to start treating firework injuries]

2130: Fireworks over, Uncle Billy decides to give his no-good brother-in-law a piece of his mind.
[ER: First wave of assaults shows up]

2300: Junior gets behind the wheel, drives into a telephone pole, slams head into windshield, decides to flee the scene on foot.
[ER: First wave of scalp avulsions, rib fractures, clavicle fractures, and MVCs begin to arrive in police custody]

0100: Nothing says Happy Independence Day like a little coke, right?
[ER: Enter the ODs, stage left]

0230: Dudes start looking at other dudes the wrong way.
[ER: Clear the trauma bay for the GSWs]

After 0300 things started to calm down, and we could safely return to the snacking. 

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