Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gross Anatomy

A couple years ago a friend gave me an anatomy coloring book as a gift.  The pictures do a great job of showing where various body parts should be, but after the past few nights in the trauma bay, I think I might start coloring where they could end up.

One (surprise!) no-helmet motorcyclist forgot that the ankle bone is supposed to be connected to the leg bone, at least in principle.  After losing control of his bike and careening into a telephone pole, he ended up in the trauma bay with a massive deformity to his left ankle.  X-ray later revealed that he had broke both his tibia and fibula; essentially his foot had broken off the rest of his body.  A little piece of one of the fractured bones even poked through the skin.  Needless to say, he was admitted upstairs for surgery.

Second Shift's Revised Anatomy Coloring Book will also correct the impression that both legs are supposed to be the same length.  Not so when a nasty car crash causes an even nastier leg fracture that seems to shorten one leg.  On this page, children will have the option to color in the Steinman pin (a metal rod drilled through the leg near the knee to hang weights used to maintain traction).

Finally, we took care of a gentleman last night who got drunk, drove his ATV into a ditch out in the boonies, and spent hours wandering the woods with a pretty significant scalp avulsion before he was eventually found.  Transfered to our trauma bay from Another Hospital, he was still drunk enough to not comprehend that a chunk of his skull was now exposed for the world to see.  I think for that page I'll just take a red crayon and scribble all over the head.

Once again, I hope my black cloud passes!

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