Saturday, July 18, 2009


Like WhiteCoat and Nurse K, I've had my own share of interesting "allergies" described by patients in the ER.  Responses range from the legitimate (like shellfish, which could indicate an allergy to contrast dye), to the out-of-context ("Yes ma'am, we'll be sure to hold off on giving you any IV pollen this evening), to the slightly suspicious ("feathers").  

Last night, when taking a care of a trauma patient, I asked if he had any known allergies to drugs or medications.  

His response: "fruit."  

Now, even though that's not something we normally keep in the Pyxis, I decided to indulge him and ask what kind of fruit.  

His response: "all fruit."

I'm pretty sure that qualifies as NKDA.


OHN said...

You guys don't add strawberries to your IVs?? Wow, what a backwards ER.

Second Shift said...

It's a wonder we stay open.