Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can't Buy My Love

One of the greatest risks you can take upon entering a patient's room for the first time is assuming the nature of their relationship to their visitor.  After a few early instances of removing my shoe to insert my foot into my oropharynx, I've learned to never make assumptions.  Nevertheless, my skeeve-o-meter registered a 10/10 the other night when I discovered that the stately older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a striking resemblance to Larry King was not, in fact, the father of my 20 year old female patient.  She was complaining of abdominal pain while in the second trimester of her third pregnancy.  

She must have been glad to have such a supportive husband hovering over her.


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NEMed2 said...


And don't ask the older man standing awkwardly on scene what his relationship to the 20 year old patient is either. That's just asking for trouble.