Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Reading

A few interesting articles from the past couple days to enjoy on this beautiful spring Sunday:  

The first, from the LA Times, considers the role of Urgent Care centers in the context of ER overcrowding.  Are they helping to lessen the burden and clear space for the critically ill or injured, or are they simply siphoning off the "bread and butter" cases that help offset the millions of dollars ERs lose in uncompensated care?

Next, from Canada, a brief blurb about an ER in Nova Scotia that will be closed on Tuesdays in an effort to cut costs.  That's right, if you're planning on getting sick or shot, you better schedule accordingly.  Reminds me of road trips I've taken through some rural areas that had signs posted: "Emergency Medical Care available 8am-8pm."

And finally, from today's Chicago Tribune, an interesting profile of the night shift chaplain at a suburban hospital.

Enjoy the great weather!

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